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The Bandiagara Escarpment is the protective sandstone Falaise for the Dogon Villages.Some of the Villages are on the top, but most at the foot. The Dogon people are the current occupants, but the ancient people were the Tellem. Their old settlements can be seen higher up the cliffs, clinging in the crevices, and include the Tellem's ancient burial caves, now used by the Dogon people.

From a defile above Nombori

Above Teli, the Gondo-Seno plain

Houses and Granaries inTireli

Dogon and Tellem Burial Places

Painted tombs above Teli

Market Day in Ende

Water Lillies and Baobab tree on top of the Escarpment

Cliff dwellings at Ende

Tellem Ruins at Tireli

Granaries at Ireli

Animals in Ireli

The Hunters House Djiguibombo

Teli from above

Children between the Millet

Pool and Sacred Lake at Teli

Waterfall to Sacred LakeTeli

Grasses in the rainy season on the Plateau

Carving in Ende

Typical Dogon carved Door Teli

Ladder at Yabatalou

Little boy and carved Door Djiguibombo

Paintings by the children during circumcision rituals

Paintings on the cliff above Songho