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I like to try and photograph lizards and admire their basilisk insoucience. Quite often the photographs show a place where the lizard just was, but now isn't.

Wall lizards in Mali

Palm Island Iguana Carribean

Land Iguana Galapagos Islands

Land Iguana Galapagos Islands

Anole in St Lucia

Anole displaying

Green Carribean Anole

Anole St Lucia

Little anole lizard on a begonia St Lucia

Anole in the Frangipani

Desert Gecko in Moroccan Sahara

Probably Geckonia chazalae

Red - headed rock Agama, Djenne, Mali

Red headed Agama

English frog

Potted frog, Devon, UK

Sacred crocadile, Borko, Mali

Sacred Croc, AKA Caiman, Mali

Evil eye

Marine Iguanas Galapagos Islands

Crusty Marine Iguana

Gaudy Leaf Frog - Costa Rica

Iguana, Costa Rica

Young Green Iguana, Costa Rica

Blue Jeans Dart Frog, Costa Rica

Male Emerald Basilisk Lizard, Costa Rica