Clare's Gallery >> Mythical Cities - Venice and Timbuktu

Two fabulous cities, Venice and Timbuktu, one the streets are full of water, the other full of sand!

Venice:The top arch of St Marks Church

Timbuktu:The top Ostrich egg on the Djingareber Mosque

Venice: St Marks Square flooded

Timbuktu: The Djingareber Mosque

Venice: Gondolas on the Grand Canal

Timbuktu: Pinasse on the River Niger

Venice: Tourist Transport

Timbuktu:Tourist Transport

Venice: St Marks Square

Timbuktu:Streets of sand

Venice, the new horses outside St Marks

Venice, the old horses inside St Marks

Timbuktu: Door

Venice: A watergate

Timbuktu: Salt, the city's former wealth

Venice: Boots for an angel,city's wealth

Venice: Fruit and vegetable stall

Timbuktu: Fruit and vegetable stall

Venice: The church of san Giovanni and San Paulo

Timbuktu: the Sankore Mosque

Venice:Walls and windows

Timbuktu: Walls & windows